7 Emerging eCommerce Trends Worth Checking Out

28th March 2019

Trends in online businesses that stay for a long time. E-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart gets a major benefit working with these major eCommerce trends. Trends in marketing emerge from how customers do their shopping based on the marketing tactics deployed by online businesses. 2018 was a great year for e-commerce that has a major influence on the online business. 
     So take a look at eCommerce trends which have the strongest influences in recent days.
1. Moving to Mobile Commerce

     People are currently more exposed to their cell phones than they are to their computers. So Now like never before, we are focussing on the mobile than the view on the desktop. 

     Mobile Commerce or m-Commerce is a cutting edge E-commerce where buying and selling of goods and services are done by handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets. Online retailers from around the globe confirm that mobile transactions increase each year. Especially during the holiday sales season. E-commerce shopping through mobile will reach a record-breaking high this year.

 2. Choose how you want to pay - Payment method

        Gone are the days of only accepting payments as net banking, CODs.

        There is a surge in the making by the accepting digital wallet, UPI (United Payment Interface) and other mobile currencies (ex:- Flipkart coin for flipkart.com, Amazon Pay for amazon.com ). This new payment method makes the process simple for E-commerce Site and made encouragement for all the People to buy through online. 

        Other than that, many websites offer cryptocurrencies and musicoins as digital payment methods. Thegigclub offers a unique payment option when you can purchase any product with the voucher system that offered by the club members. 

 3.  Importance of Artificial Intelligence

        In today’s market, AI is making the more difference from the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, and the normal e-commerce site. It is revolutionizing the E-commerce industry by interacting with the customers and to help them buying according to their previous purchases. 

        Client segmentation and identification of patterns based on customer’s browsing history are massive challenges for e-commerce businesses in terms of automation and store personalization. Intelligent algorithms are currently hailed as the way to managing such difficulties.

   4.  Voice search model

       Voice search is becoming a more integral part of the popular E-Commerce Sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart. With regards to voice search, retailers ought to be very engaged and focused. voice-empowered shopping has been one of the most standout technology trends from a previous couple of years.

       Voice search is thriving among users because manual mobile operations can be done by speaking to the mobile phone. It simply means that you can differentiate the app in the crowd, which embraces voice recognition capabilities.

   5.  Photo-shopping for Product search

       The extraordinary online shopping experience has customer convenience at its center. Any feature that diminishes the efforts for a customer, will enhance their commitment. Photo search is one such feature and is expected to gain massive popularity among consumers. This may pre-empt the trend of voice searches across eCommerce channels. Photo-based searches are already in place, and some leading brands like Amazon and BigBasket are already using them. In 2019, this practice is likely to become more mainstream.

       The number of customers using image-based searches will go up exponentially in 2019. In fact, image and voice-activated searches may make up 50 percent of all searches by 2020, say some researchers.

   6. Influence marketing 

      Online influencers are not only low-level celebrities, But They also have a real audience. Millennial customers are influenced by their recommendations. The decision making of customers strongly relies on influencers’ recommendation. It also confirms that customers buy products recommended by non-celebrity influencers. Thence, market your products through relevant influencers for sales season in 2019. Influencer marketing is still underpriced.

     7.  Customer Relationship - Marketing Automation

      Previously marketing automation was known as interacting with clients with automated emails and by scheduling social media posts.

      But, Now-a-days marketing automation has become more of a trend. Automated marketing lets you specific emails to the customers. It shows Products and Promotions as visitors shopping history. It also retargets customers with necessary Product sales. These recommendations get Influenced by what the consumers click on their visit. 


     This insight roundup gives you a great overview of the shifting sands of the E-commerce landscape. Both businesses and customers are well advised to take a long, hard look at the future of e-commerce if they hope to compete in the increasingly crowded Online business sector. The times are changing nowhere is this more evident than in the industry.