What should Consumers look at while buying goods at Ecommerce sites

21st June 2019

Ecommerce has always been a great race for the Ecommerce sellers to bring the new consumers and retain the consumers they already had. To be successful and profitable you need to continuously improve your Consumer’s Experience of Online Shopping. But Business Owners also need to understand the important areas where if they concentrate can convert a site visitor into a Buyer.

So here we have identified the top 5 factors which influencing eCommerce Consumer’s Purchase Decision:

     1.  Product and Information Quality:

                         The most influencing factor (above 50%) that goes into making decisions of purchasing goods are quality product information and quality product details. Geographic location, occasion, cultures are also important factors of product and information quality that are needed to be identified for the products to get popular. Also, if you are targeting various countries then, various languages are also needed to be applied in the site inorder to bring in more consumers.

      2. Free Shipping:
                         With a contribution of almost 49%, Free Shipping is that the second largest consideration influencing eCommerce Consumer’s Purchase decision. Free Shipping usually attracts customers who purchase fairly often from on-line outlets, it's to them Shipping prices matters most and Free Shipping will retain these customers for an extended time. you'll add a fraction of those shipping prices into basic Product value, however keep in mind your value has to be competitive too.
     3. Easy checkout & Return:

             Defined and Easy return policy contributes 35% and the third largest factor in influencing Buying Decision. Return Policy need to be well written in a very simple language, really helpful if it’s in favor of the Consumers. It’s a must have if you are selling Apparels and Electronic Goods/Computer Accessories, if you are selling Bike/Auto Parts. In a business where faulty goods can often appear or size of the product can mismatch, Easy Return Policy makes the consumer feel more trust in your website and brand.
      4. Customer Reviews:

            Fourth Largest factor with almost 33% importance in influencing buying decision is  Customer Reviews which often proved to be a good source depicting the trial results. Award Consumers with Free Gifts who post positive reviews, resolve the problems of products for consumers who post negative reviews, both will encourage them to most regular reviews and this motivation will provide you positive results for sure.

      5. Visual Search:

           With 30% contribution in influencing Buying Decision, Visual Search is a new element to the eCommerce. Categories showing with images in mouse over, Products Listed in Search Textbox with Images as an Option List, use of more and more images in Search Terms are increasing day by day and help Consumers to quickly find out the Products.

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